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Chiropractor After Car Accident Toronto 

We specialize in Relieving Pain After Accidents with Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Care

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Auto Accident Chiropractor Near Me

Chiropractic Care After a Car or Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you been involved in a car accident and need immediate evaluation and treatment to alleviate your pain?

Visit a chiropractor after car accident that has experience with back pain and neck pain after car accidents.  At Core Wellness Centre in Toronto we offer personalized treatment for:

• Whiplash   •Pain or stiffness in the neck   •Pain or stiffness in the back
• Blurred vision   •Reduced quality of sleep   •Dizziness
 • Headaches   • Migraines • Nausea
Numbness and pain in the arms or legs
• Diminished range of motion in the neck

Ask Us a Question on (416) 479 – 8311 or Schedule Your Appointment Online Here!

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Direct Billing With Major Insurances

We facilitate claims for you together with direct billing and online billing for Extended Health Insurance, WSIB and MVA Insurance

Holistic Approach to Healthcare

You will receive a thorough assessment of your condition through digital analysis in order to provide an accurate diagnosis which will be fully explained to you

Effective Auto Injury Treatment

At Core Wellness Centre, state-of-the-art treatments are fully integrative, holistic, and non-invasive.  Although they are gentle, they are extremely effective.

Accident & Injury Pain Centre Toronto

Auto accidents and other personal injury accidents may cause traumatic injuries which may not be apparent right away.  If your injury was significant in nature and directly caused by the accident, then muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, joints, discs, and possibly bone may be damaged.

When the damage occurs to these structures, inflammation and altered movement may last for weeks, months and even years if not addressed and treated properly.

If not treated, your body might try to heal itself in a less than ideal way by laying down scar tissue.

This causes the muscles that were damaged to become either chronically weakened or tight. If these injuries are not addressed and treated, the biomechanics of the region may be altered for the long term.

Most of the time, treatment is a necessity because your pain level may be too intense not to seek treatment from a chiropractor after car accident. 

Auto Accident Chiropractor, Physiotherapy and RMT


In Ontario, chiropractors and physiotherapists are covered under extended care benefits

Core Wellness Centre Auto Injury Treatment

  • Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Digital Posture Exam
  • Soft Tissue/Muscular Examination
  • LLLT Cold Laser Therapy / Y-Axis Strap / Shockwave Therapy / Vibration Machines / Spinal Decompression
  • Detailed and Personalized Plan of Care 
  • Comprehensive Care and Auto Accident Treatment Plan
  • Neck Pain, Back Pain, Numbness and Tingling, Whiplash, Headaches, Migraines, contact us for more details on how we can help

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