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Whiplash and Neck Injury Car Accident Treatment

A whiplash injury effects the soft tissue in the neck and shoulders as well as constricting the vertebrae of the spine. The muscles, ligaments and tissues are strained beyond their normal range, which can also cause them to tear. Whiplash is a common injury sustained during motor vehicle accidents but can often be ignored or dismissed. Whiplash injuries can be difficult to pinpoint and diagnose.

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How is Whiplash Caused?

Neck injury from a car accident is a common injury during a motor vehicle accident, but it can occur in any situation where the circumstances.  In a car accident, whiplash occurs in a seated position when impacted from behind. The person’s upper body is thrown forward, but the neck and head fall backwards. After the first few seconds of impact, the head and neck are thrown forward.

The two positions contribute to the strain or tear of muscles and constriction of the spine. Any situation in which someone is stationary and impacted from behind has the potential to result in whiplash.

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How Do I Know I Have Whiplash?

The injury can be hard to determine at first because there are no broken bones. Someone may not feel any pain for 24 hours after  whiplash occurs. The symptoms of whiplash include the obvious pains like neck pain and headache.

There are other symptoms that might make a diagnosis confusing like fatigue, jaw pain and arm pain or weakness.  Shoulder pain, dizziness and vision problems might seem unrelated to a whiplash injury. When the pain doesn’t subside, someone with whiplash might start to feel depressed, angry and frustrated.

Severe Whiplash Treatment

With major injury and requiring severe whiplash treatment, whiplash isn’t diagnosed through x-rays because tears in the muscles and ligaments are not visible on an x-ray. An MRI might be used to see tissue damage. A stiff neck, headache and an inability to move without pain along with the other symptoms will help with the diagnosis.


How Can Physiotherapy and Chiropractor Help with Neck Injury from Car Accident?

In the past, cervical collars were worn for weeks, but studies have shown that keeping the neck immobilized for several weeks slows down the healing process. Early range of motion exercises are crucial to a quicker recovery. Unfortunately, a quick recovery from whiplash can still take weeks or months.

Dr. Kris and the Core Wellness Centre Team have treated hundreds of patients with muscle strains and tears and showing whiplash symptoms.  Core Wellness Centre offers direct billing and covers most insurance plans.

Core Wellness Centre has in-house x-rays and digital posture analysis along with his expertise to help return the patient’s range of motion and be free from pain.

Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

It’s better to visit our team of physiotherapists and chiropractors for whiplash treatment early so that the Team can recommend a treatment plan to reduce recovery time.  Treatment for whiplash includes professional evaluation, the latest treatment processes to return one back to great health as soon as possible.

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