chiropractic care for seniorsBeing able to maintain a high quality of life is integral to seniors as they age. When we remove subluxations (misalignments in the spinal column), we often see amazing things happen which allows the body to function at a higher level. More and more seniors are experiencing remarkable changes in their health by incorporating chiropractic care for seniors as part of their wellness strategy.

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A study published in 2003 concluded that, “Chiropractors may administer more prevention and health-promotion services than any other health profession”. It further concluded, “Patients receiving chiropractic management appeared to replace medical management rather than be complementary to medical treatment…. The need for hospitalization and the high costs associated with that service were markedly reduced for the patient receiving chiropractic”. Chiropractic seniors saw their medical doctor only half as often and they took nearly 70% less drugs. 96% of the chiropractic patients believed their care to be either ‘considerably’ or ‘extremely’ valuable.

Chiropractic care for seniors, it’s all about maintaining their Quality of Life.

The results of a three year randomized trial of people 75 years of age and over revealed better overall health and a higher quality of life among those who use chiropractic care. Elderly chiropractic patients have fewer chronic conditions, spend fewer days in nursing homes and hospitals, are more mobile in their communities and are less likely to use prescription drugs than non-chiropractic patients, according to a study conducted by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research through the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. In addition, 87% of chiropractic patients described their health as excellent compared to just 67.8% of non-chiropractic patients.

Better immunity means less chance of getting sick!

A summary of recent research implies a connection between chiropractic adjustments and Immunocompetence (better immune system function). The literature suggests that the nervous system plays a role in the modulation of the immune response and that chiropractic adjustments influence T and B lymphocyte numbers, natural killer cell numbers, antibody levels, phagocytic activity and plasma endorphin levels. Health is a choice, and no matter what age you are, you are free to choose. Choose health, choose chiropractic care for seniors! Ensure your quality of life with chiropractic.

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