The Three Phases of Chiropractic Corrective Care


Our initial goal of care is to begin to stabilize the spine and get the problem under control. This is where the correction of the subluxation begins. In this first stage of care, visits will be frequent and tightly scheduled to obtain control of the problem. Incidentally, this is where patients start to feel better. After the problem is under control, healing can begin to take place.


Our main goal in corrective care is for more complete correction and optimal healing to occur. The underlying muscle and ligament damage will begin to resolve as subluxations are brought closer to maximum correction and stabilization. This leads us into the most rewarding WELLNESS phase of care.


Wellness care consists of the check-ups, timed specifically for you, to help maintain the corrections already made to your spine and nervous system. Also important in wellness care is adjusting any new subluxations that occur as quickly as possible thereby minimizing their negative and devastating effects on your health. By maintaining optimum nervous system function, your body will function at peak efficiency allowing you to enjoy optimal health. This is the most exciting and rewarding phase of care. This is our ultimate goal for all people of our community.

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