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nutritional counselling There are numerous causes to health problems, one of them being poor nutrition. Eating well is not always enough as there are factors which can offset the nutritional value of some foods as well as environmental factors which can lead to deficiencies. This brings us to the importance of maximizing quality nutrition.

The key word here is “quality”. For example, you may have wondered why vitamins vary so much in price from one brand to another. This is because many of the vitamins you buy may be synthetic, meaning that they were created using artificial means. This doesn’t mean that they are bad necessarily, but they may not have the same effect as natural vitamins would. Natural vitamins can be harder to produce, hence the price difference.

Eating organic is another important point. Yes, buying organic foods can be costly, but the nutritional value of many foods can be negated by the added chemicals present in non organic products. Everything from pesticides to growth hormones are found in the foods we eat, and it is important to realize that anytime you ingest a chemical, no matter how small a quantity, there is a potential for ramifications later down the road. Ingested chemical substances don’t pass completely through the digestive system as many residues do in fact get lodged in the body’s fatty tissues.

Taking a quality multivitamin is a good place to start. Switching to completely organic food may not be within the means of everyone, but certain products such as meat and dairy (where a majority of added chemicals will be found) could be a place to start. Every little bit counts as you make your way to achieving a healthier diet.

As any chiropractor would suggest, keeping good nutritional habits is important for overall bodily health. Many physical problems not even nutritional in origin may be prevents from having the right amount of vitamins in the body, so quality nutrition should be a priority for us all.

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