stay happy in winterA huge number of people are subject to seasonal depression on an annual basis.  At Core Wellness Centre in Toronto, a visit to discuss how a chiropractor for depression can help to discover any underlying causes of depression. 

There are ways to fight the blues that come with the end of Fall. Explore the following tips in order to keep yourself vibrant, healthy, and happy throughout the entire year.

Remain Active

While exercise is important for health and happiness during every month of the year, this activity is especially vital during gloomier seasons. As little as 15 minutes of vigorous activity a day can be enough to make a real difference in your well-being. In addition to boosting your mood and energy levels, regular exercise is also proven to boost your immune system. This lift can be just what is needed to fight off those winter colds that contribute to bad feelings.

Eat Well

Maintaining a healthy diet keeps your body and mind in top condition. The healthier the mind and body, the more content one tends to feel. Your winter diet should be heavy on fresh fruits, vegetables, and clean proteins. With these raw products at the disposal of your body, you will have all of the advantages that you need. Because you tend to burn more energy during colder weather, it is a good idea to add in an extra fruit or vegetable to your daily diet as well. You can also do some good for your body by exploring supplements. It is not always possible to maintain the ideal diet. Supplements that boost the critical vitamins and minerals in your system can be exactly what is needed when the holiday parties are in full swing. Maintaining happiness and health during the winter calls for high amounts of vitamin D especially.

Limit Sweets and Processed Sugar

Many of us are still snacking on candies and treats from the holidays. However, limiting your sugar intake during the holidays is the best strategy for happiness in the long run. Excess sugar during the winter increases the inflammatory processes of the body. Consuming too much sugar can also compromise the functioning of your immune system, leading to greater susceptibility to the flu and other colds.

Keep Yourself Warm

It can be tempting to lower the thermostat and simply bear the cold outside during the winter. While lower heating bills can be nice, it is more important to keep your body warm during the winter. Long periods of exposure to cold surroundings leads to muscle contraction. When muscles stay in this position over time, you can begin to feel achy or stiff. These physical feelings of fatigue lower your mood and make you less likely to be active or engage in regular exercise.

Stay Aligned

Your body must be cared for on the outside and inside during the coldest months of the year. Regular visits with your chiropractor should be maintained throughout the winter. It is unwise to wait for illness to strike in order to get the physical maintenance that your body requires. The spine and nervous system should be given regular care. Studies reveal that keeping these areas of the body in ideal condition naturally boosts the immune system. Preventive maintenance for the body is a key to year-round health.  In Toronto, call Core Wellness Centre at (416) 479 – 8311 for more information.

Keep Calm

The colds and flu that bring people down during the winter can often be linked to stress. It is important to reduce stress as much as possible in order to keep your mood positive and your immune system strong. Some essential strategies for reducing your daily stress include working reasonable hours and spending time with friends and family. You should also schedule your holiday events and shopping in order to allow yourself plenty of time to be prepared.

Stay Hydrated

The winter weather is much dryer, causing people to become dehydrated more easily. The cold weather and holiday gatherings also lead people towards consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout these events in order to fortify your body and health. Water replenishes your system and keeps you feeling energized throughout the day. Everyone should get at least eight glasses of water in a 24-hour period in order to keep themselves in top condition.

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