Privacy Policy

We at Core Wellness Centre respect the privacy of your visit to Core Wellness Centre

The privacy of your personal details is important to us and we will never sell this information on to third parties.  Following are the types of personal information that can be received and collected when you visit our site and how we make sure the information is safeguarded.

Log Files

When you visit our website, information such as your IP – internet protocol address, your internet browser used (ie. Firefox or Internet Explorer), your ISP – internet services provider, such as Sympatico, the time visited and what pages are visited to our website.

Web Beacons and Cookies

Your personal preferences can be stored on our site by the use of cookies.  An example of this is when you see a popup.

DoubleClick DART Cookies

DART cookies may be used when using Google’s DoubleClick for ad servicing.  This can place a cookie on your machine when visiting a site that uses DoubleClick when you browse the web.

This type of cookie is called interest based targeting, and is used to set advertisements specific to you based on the sites that you visit.  An example of this is if you are looking at websites about Vancouver, when you look at other non-related websites, you may see an advertisement about Vancouver hotels.  DART does not track any personal information such as your email address, name, where you live, phone number, bank account number, social security number or credit card number.  You are able to opt-out on all the websites that use this type of advertising by going to

You are also able to disable our cookies in the settings of your browser or by utilizing preferences in software programs like Norton Internet Security.  This may have an effect on your interaction with ours or other websites as per getting in to forums.

If the cookies are deleted, this is not permanent to opt out of an ad program. If you would like to make the change permanently then change the settings to disallow cookies.  Otherwise the next time a website is visited that runs ads, they may add a new cookie.

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