Compression Stockings Toronto – A Natural Way to Help Circulation

While we can all agree that in some cases medicine and surgery provide solutions to otherwise untreatable conditions and illnesses. However both can have potentially damaging effects. Medicines can leave trace elements of various chemicals in the body, and surgery opens one up to infections. There are many different physical conditions that can be treated without the need for either of these options, more so than you may expect. Poor circulation is one of those things.

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compression stockings TorontoPoor circulation can result in weakness in the legs, sores that don’t heal, swelling and coldness of the limbs, chest pain and even erectile dysfunction. There is a treatment which is non-invasive and non chemical that can help to alleviate these problems: compression stockings.

Compression stockings may look like a regular pair of stockings, but they are made from a much stronger material, and are designed to exert pressure on the lower leg, ankles and feet. This pressure on the exterior veins causes the blood to flow more rapidly promoting better circulation. Blood tends to pool in the feet as they are the lowest point in the body, and this increased circulatory rate helps to send more of that blood back into the heart and through the rest of the body.

Compression Stockings Toronto are especially applicable to women during pregnancy, as stress from the added weight, as well as other factors, can cause some of the aforementioned problems. Compression stockings are ideal in this case, as with a pregnant mother, you want to use as little medication as possible.

Varicose veins, tired leg muscles, phlebitis and other common circulatory problems can be treated by the use of compression stockings. As they are a completely natural way to handle these problems, many chiropractors are recommending them to their patients in addition to any other chiropractic remedies. Compression stockings along with standard chiropractic care can help resolve a number of health issues in patients.

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