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Slip and Fall Injuries – Find a Chiropractor After Fall

Injuries from falls are one of the leading causes of accidents that cause injury. With well over 1 million injuries each year,  slip and fall injuries can be caused by a whole host of things including a slick or rough surface, problems with shoes, and the mental and/or physical state of the person who took the fall.

slip and fall injury treatmentWhat Happens When You Have a “Slip and Fall” Injury?

When a person suffers a slip and fall injury, they often suffer trauma to the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments along with the nervous system from the impact of the fall.

This trauma can cause misalignments in the spine and interruptions in the signals within the nervous system.

If you have back pain after a slip and fall injury, it’s best to check with our professional physiotherapists and chiropractor for further investigation of long term injuries.

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Chiropractic Treatment for Slip and Fall Injuries

A chiropractor’s work is to adjust the spine to correct those misalignments and remove the interference within the nervous system caused by the injuries. Once the interference is removed, the body is then free to heal itself and return to a state of health.

Because chiropractors focus on correcting physical alignment to facilitate the body’s own healing mechanisms, they are very much involved in the area of personal injury treatment. They are adept at treating soft tissue injuries and sprains with drug-free, non-invasive, healing techniques.

At Core Wellness Centre the chiropractic service for accidents and injuries and fully enabled physiotherapist service, has on-site x-ray to discover if there has been any serious injury to the discs that make up the bone structure of the spine.

If they discover a serious compromise they are able to begin a complete program and formulated exercise routine for treatment of pain. Chiropractors are holistic healers who consider the entire body when diagnosing and treating their patients.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Slip and Fall Injuries

The rehabilitation process consists of a series of exercises designed to return strength and flexibility to the area where the injuries occurred. Our professional physiotherapist may move the injured parts through their normal range of motion until the patient has healed to the point where they can perform the exercises on their own.

Slip and fall injuries can often occur with older people within their own homes. As we advance in age, if we do not remain active and continue to perform weight-bearing exercises to keep our hips and legs strong, supple and limber, we are more prone to developing brittle bones and weakened skeletal systems.

You can prevent slip and fall injuries by strengthening the body by walking for exercise for at least 30 minutes each day and being careful when walking at night or in icy conditions or other severe weather conditions. Keeping your body strong and healthy and keeping alert for hazards in your physical environment is an effective way to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Get fast and natural relief for your slip and fall injury with chiropractic treatment. Dr. Kris Dorken and the Physiotherapist Team at Core Wellness Centre provides a personalized program over a period of time to give relief from the pain and initiate the body’s own ability to heal itself.

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