Meet Dr Kris Dorken, Your Chiropractor in Toronto

Dr. Kris Dorken, Chiropractor in Toronto

Dr Kris Dorken DC, CACCP, chiropractor in Toronto, is the owner of Core Wellness Centre, a full-service clinic along-side a team of physiotherapists and registered massage therapists.

Dr Kris has extensive training and work experience in the chiropractic field including spinal decompression, y strap adjustments, manual and activator adjustments, custom-made orthotics, pediatrics, family and pregnancy chiropractic.

Dr Kris is licensed by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) for the Webster Technique and holds certification of working with babies and children in Toronto.

His safe and gentle approach as a chiropractor and is highly regarded from all who have received treatment.

We are proud to announce
Dr. Kris Dorken, Core Wellness Centre has been selected in Three Best Rated for Chiropractors in Toronto.

Dr Kris 3 Best Rated Chiropractor Toronto
Dr. Kris Dorken, three best rated chiropractor Toronto

Dr Kris has extensive training in the following areas:

Car Accident Treatment,

Spine Treatment

Y Strap Adjustment

Family Chiropractic Wellness

Management and Care of Scoliosis

Neurosensory Integration

Pre and Post Natal Care

Craniosacral Therapy

Sacral-Occipital Technique

Thompson Technique

Conventional and Holistic Clinical Pediatric Medicine

Nutrition for Special Needs

Pediatric Chiropractor

Special Needs and The Challenged Child

Pediatric Radiology

Imaging and Pre and Post-Natal Care

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Personal History

Dr Kris Dorken was born and raised in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia where his family would often spend weekends sailing on a small 28 foot sailing boat.  By the age of 17, he was able to fulfill his dream of sailing around the world.  On his adventure he gained first-hand experience of seeing the hardships that many people faced around the world.

Dr Kris experienced various health challenges during his years studying for his BA Hons at Dalhousie University from rugby injuries, dinghy sailing and hauling on lanyards which showed up and lower back and stomach pain.  He visited many doctors and researched various avenues for a solution but it was finally when he saw a chiropractor that gave him relief for the problems.  He has since remained pain free with regular chiropractic care.

Dr Kris was so impressed with the benefits of his family chiropractic treatment that he embarked on a new career path to become a chiropractor.  He completed the prerequisites for 3 additional years of study at the University of Victoria that would enable him to attend the 4 yr degree program at the prestigious CMCC, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College  to become a chiropractor in Toronto.  An avid researcher, Dr. Kris has a passion in learning the most effective ways of healthy living and continues to stay up to date on the latest information of diet, nutrition, exercise and body functionality.

Unleash Your Potential Cycle Tour

In 2005, Dr Kris co-created a natural health cycling tour nation-wide across Canada called ‘Unleash Your Potential’.  The group tour lasted for 75 days and cycled more than 7,700 km’s.  Inspiring millions of people with the message of healthy living, the tour visited Boys & Girls clubs and held over 30 events and promoted over 130 media releases.

An avid sportsman, Dr Kris competed in the Ironman Triathlons in 2007 which qualified him to represent Canada in France at the world championships.  He gave this opportunity up to instead co-create a cycling tour from the West to East coast of the United States with the focus on healthy thinking.  He had support from educators featured in the popular movie “The Secret”.  The tour reached over 20 venues in the inner cities of the US (

Core Wellness Centre, Toronto

Dr Kris Dorken, Toronto Chiropractor, has an eternal passion to support and educate as many families as possible to be able to reach their true health and wellness potential through natural chiropractic care.

He is the founder of Core Wellness Centre, family Chiropractic Centre in Toronto, Ontario and can be contacted on (416) 479 – 8311 or schedule an appointment below:

Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy RMT Massage Therapy and Osteopathy

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