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WSIB Physiotherapy Clinic in Toronto, Chiropractic Care, Osteopathy and RMT

If you have been injured in your place of employment, the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) provides health care coverage, rehabilitation treatment and loss of earnings.

Core Wellness Centre is proud to offer WSIB physiotherapy and WSIB chiropractic care, providing invaluable benefits for individuals who have sustained work-related injuries.

These specialized services are designed to help injured workers recover, regain functionality and return to the work place safely and efficiently.

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Many people have only a short time to make the most of a year’s worth of extended health benefits.
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Recover With WSIB Coverage for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and RMT

We understand that injuries occur in the workplace and recognize that the rehabilitation process can be frustrating and take time.

We offer a personalized assessment, examinations and treatment plans by licensed practitioners who have experience dealing with WSIB workplace injuries at our Toronto accident and injury clinic.

All treatment programs are tailored to the individual, taking into account the injury and the patient’s sensitivities and pain allowance. Results of treatment varies on an individual basis.

WSIB Coverage At Core Wellness Centre

  • WSIB Chiropractic Care (initial assessment, report of findings, digital posture analysis, adjustments, exercise program, inhouse x-rays if required)
  • WSIB Physiotherapy (assessment, cold laser therapy, LLLT), exercise program

In order to speed up your treatment, please ensure that you have initiated the claim’s process with the WSIB before calling us for your initial assessment.

How Does WSIB Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care Help?

WSIB physiotherapy focuses on rehabilitating injuries through a variety of techniques, such as therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and modalities.

This form of therapy aims to reduce pain, restore mobility, improve strength, and enhance overall function.

WSIB chiropractic care focuses on the musculoskeletal system, utilizing chiropractic adjustments and techniques to alleviate pain, improve spinal alignment, promote healing, and restore proper biomechanics.

By combining these two complementary approaches, Core Wellness Centre can provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment that addresses the specific needs of injured workers, facilitating their recovery and enabling them to safely reintegrate into the workforce.

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About Core Wellness Centre, WSIB Physiotherapy, WSIB Chiropractor and RMT Massage Therapy


Core Wellness Centre is a chiropractic, physiotherapy, and registered massage therapy clinic in Toronto that offers Direct Billing.

We provide treatment from injuries such as neck pain, back pain, and sports injuries, as well as spinal decompression and Y Strap adjustments.

Our goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals and get you back to doing the things you love.

Many people have only a short time to make the most of a year’s worth of extended health benefits.
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WSIB Claims for Chiropractic Treatment, Physiotherapy and RMT Toronto

Our fully trained professional physiotherapists often deal with work related injuries such as RSI, repetitive sprain injuries, back injuries due to lifting and carrying, falls and more serious injuries.

Not only does our physiotherapist assist with minor to chronic injuries, they can also assist you at work related injuries. Our goal is to control pain, control inflammation, rehabilitate your condition with exercise programs and ultimately help you to get back to work safely and equipped with knowledge to prevent further injuries.

We offer a fully digital posture analysis, report of findings and have in-house x-rays (if needed) but can also show you the best postures to minimize the effects of static postures or repetitive strain movements on your body.

Our WSIB chiropractor and WSIB physiotherapy professionals deal with accidents & injuries are able to offer adequate advice and education to manage or prevent pain and discomfort in the workplace.

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Benefits of WSIB Physiotherapy Toronto, WSIB Chiropractor Toronto


Pain Management

Our Physiotherapy and chiropractic care near St Clair Ave West Toronto, provide effective pain management techniques for workplace injuries with personalized treatment plans

help with pain and injury recovery, strain, sprain and repetitive stress injuries.

Mobility and Function Improvement

Both physiotherapy and chiropractic care focus on restoring mobility and function to injured areas.

Through manual therapies, the latest techniques, adjustments and exercise programs, help individuals regain their ability to perform daily tasks and job-specific duties.

Individualized treatment programs

At Core Wellness Centre, we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each patient. These plans consider the type and severity of the workplace injury, as well as the individual’s overall health and lifestyle, ensuring targeted and effective recovery.

Injury prevention

We not only address existing injuries but also help prevent future ones. By improving strength, flexibility and body mechanics, these therapies can reduce the risk of re-injury.

Faster recovery

Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can accelerate the recovery process for workplace injuries. These therapies promote healing, reduce inflammation and enhance the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

WSIB coverage

In the case of workplace injuries covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board WSIB physiotherapy and chiropractic care may be eligible for coverage. This financial support can alleviate the burden of treatment costs and make these therapies more accessible to injured workers.

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