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A Pediatric Chiropractor for infants is aware of the difficult process of birth and the effects that it can have on the alignment of a babies neck and spine

Following birth at the different stages of growth, they are able to monitor and ensure that as the babies are growing, there are no misalignments that can occur that can have an ongoing detrimental effect.

Situations such as falling down, sleeping in strollers, falling down stairs as well as the many types of bumps that can happen to a young infant can be monitored by a chiropractor for any lasting damage.

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Many common illnesses are the result of spinal misalignment. The solution has been to take your baby to doctor when sick.

In many cases, your child will be prescribed medication to handle the illness.

This is not always best, as there are possible side effects, and with many chemicals leaving residues in the body, the less medication your child has to take, the better.

This is where a baby chiropractor can help.

Chiropractors can treat an amazing number of common childhood illnesses with no need for any medication.

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Chiropractor for Colic in Babies

Up to 25% of babies experience colic which can last from a few months to over a few years. This can be a nightmare for any new parent and many doctors have no treatment for it at all. There are ways to treat colic using chiropractic therapy much to the relief of both child and mother.

Many worry that chiropractic care for infants will be too harsh for their body, but just as you don’t give the same dose of medicine to a baby as you would an adult, chiropractic treatment for infants is geared to their smaller bodies and is extremely gentle.

The chiropractor works with very softly and gentle touches with a newborn and is still effective.

A pediatric chiropractor for colic can put an end to many unwanted conditions
in a completely natural way.

Pediatric Chiropractor for Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is used to describe what happens when the contents of the stomach – acid and food (milk) – come back up into mouth or gullet. Most babies usually have a degree of reflux, this is as result of the sphincter muscles (they keep the food in the stomach), that are located at the end of their food pipe not being fully developed yet.

Therefore, when the stomach of your baby is full, the milk he or she ingested can come back up. If he or she brings up small amounts of milk it is called posseting. Babies frequently ‘posset’ a bit when they are burping.

In the first year of the life of your baby, his or her sphincter muscles slowly becomes stronger and also perform better at keeping food in the stomach, so the chances of him or her having reflux decreases.

Approximately 50% of babies will experience some reflux during the first 3 months of their lives, by around the 10th month of their lives only about 5% of babies have reflux. Most babies often outgrow reflux once they are 4 months old.

The common causes of reflux in babies are immature sphincter muscles and trauma (such as vertebral misalignment) they may suffered when being born. In a small number of cases, reflux in babies may be caused by:

1. Allergic gastroenteritis – This is an intolerance to the constituents of certain foods, it usually occurs as a result of a protein that is found in cow’s milk.

2. Gastroesophael reflux disease (GERD) – This is severe condition where the reflux is too acidic that it actually irritates and damages the lining of the esophagus.

3. Eosinophilic esophagitis– This is a condition where eosinophils build up and injure the lining of the esophagus.

4. Obstruction – This is occurs as a result of narrowing or blockage in the esophagus or between the small intestine and stomach.

The vertebral misalignment may also lead to accumulation of gas that causes abdominal pain in babies.


Symptoms of Acid Reflux in Babies

1. Discomfort when feeding, this may include crying, refusing to feed, and arching away.

2. Coughing a lot, without any signs of a cold.

3. Regurgitation

4. Poor weight gain or weight loss.

5. Excessive irritability or crying after or during feeding.

A pediatric chiropractor for reflux sees firsthand how spinal misalignments can contribute to acid reflux in young children.

By gently adjusting the vertebrae in the spine, helps to alleviate pressure on the nerves that control digestion, leading to improved function and reduced reflux symptoms. This non-invasive approach can provide relief for children suffering from acid reflux without the need for medication or invasive procedures.


Chiropractic Treatment for Reflux And Gas In Babies


A baby chiropractor for infants with reflux, with gentle adjustments to help improve nerve function, ultimately reduces symptoms of acid reflux.  Many parents have found relief for their children through regular chiropractic adjustments, leading to happier, healthier kids. 

During birth back and neck vertebrae can go out of their normal alignment. The misalignment of the vertebrae may occur as a result of any one of the following:

1. The delivery of your baby included a vacuum extraction or forceps 

2. The baby was delivered through C-section

3. Birth over a long period of time

If the reflux in your baby is as a result of misalignment of his or her vertebrae, a baby chiropractor can readjust this misalignment and as result your baby’s reflux will be cured.

This adjustments will also help in improving the control of upper valve of the stomach of your baby, by his or her nerves. You should be able to observe an improvement in the condition of your baby within 2-3 visits to a chiropractor.

A pediatric chiropractor can also be able to treat baby gas. Any vertebral misalignment in your baby causes a disturbance in the functioning of the nerves in your bay’s intestines, stomach, and other abdominal organs. This adversely affects his or her gastric function and results in gas, discomfort and other colic symptoms.

Infant Reflux and Chiropractic Care

An infant reflux chiropractor can detect and correct these vertebral misalignment.

As result the normal functioning of the nerve supply to your baby’s digestive tract and other related organs will be restored, this will bring your baby’s digestive system and infant’s with gas, back to its full normal potential and solve any gas issues.

Dr. Kris Dorken is one of only a few specialist pediatric chiropractors in Toronto.

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