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Even minor automobile accidents can cause hidden damage to the neck, back and joints but car accident chiropractic care for injuries can assess and rehabilitate these issues before they become a long lasting problem.

Oftentimes, many people that have car accidents wait days or even weeks before seeking treatment because they don’t feel that they have had any injury.

The common belief is to wait and see if there is any pain in a few days. However, there are many studies showing that those who receive car accident chiropractor care and treatment within as little as 24 to 48 hours after a crash has better results in minimizing pain and avoiding further damage to their spine and neck than those who wait.

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What Happens in Common Car Accident Injuries

When a crash happens, the spine can be misaligned and soft tissues of the neck can be stretched or torn with the sudden jerking in an accident. Although pain may not be present at first, it can manifest some hours or even days later. Many believe that taking Tylenol or aspirin can alleviate sore and stiff muscles but pain and stiffness can return because medication only masks the problem underneath.

The pain and stiffness felt is indication of trauma to the muscles and ligaments in the back and neck. The body’s natural response to these types of injuries is to restrict movement and to heal the injury by sending white blood cells to the damaged area. Your body will then start the process of repairing the injured area by lying down scar tissue.

How a Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help

What you may not realize is that joints in the neck have only a limited range of movement and as well, when sections of the spine become misaligned the range of motion becomes even more constricted. Scar tissue develops that reduces the motion even more and if proper treatment is not received right away, further limited mobility, chronic pain and even spinal degeneration of your joints can occur.

Neck Pain Solution

Understanding the problem early is crucial and it’s important to get a consultation right away.

Core Wellness Centre offers car accident chiropractor care in Toronto that has dealt with many car accident injuries such as whiplash, chronic headaches, back pain or neck pain.

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