how to help with low back painChiropractors make use of natural therapies in order to provide you relief from all types of lower back, upper back and neck pain. The approach of a Chiropractor for lower back strain is to use hands on manipulation techniques that clear the misalignments in the spine.

The nerves then have improved mind-body connection. This increases the body’s endurance and overall mobility.

When pain appears, even though it may be debilitating, chances are that the cause of the problem had started a long time before.

Some possible causes of back pain:

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  • Poor posture while sitting at a desk, driving or on the couch
  • Lack of exercise or exercising the wrong way
  • Emotional stress
  • Muscle tension
  • Falls, sports injuries, car accidents, fights…
  • Poor diet / obesity
  • Shoes have inadequate support
  • Lifting too much weight or lifting it with poor posture
  • Wear and tear on the spine
  • Drugs (legal or illegal)
  • Vertebral subluxation

Chiropractor for Lower Back Strain for Pain Relief

Lower back strain is one of the top reasons that men and women of all ages seek out the care of a chiropractor. When the muscles of the lower back are stretched too far, they are strained and begin to cause discomfort and pain.

We use our lower back muscles for nearly every movement we make. Those lower back muscles support the spine and are working hard with every twist, turn and bend we make.

A simple wrong turn may result in a lower back strain, but more often they are caused by improper lifting, a repetitive motion or an injury. A lower back strain may turn a normally active person nearly incapacitated.

What To Do for Lower Back Strain

If you suspect a lower back strain, a chiropractor may confirm your diagnosis and help you find relief. They will use physical modalities and prescribe at-home stretches and exercises to continue to heal and strengthen the area. If any areas of the spine are out of alignment due to the muscle strain, that will also be addressed and corrected.

The initial symptom of pain and muscle spasms that generally go away when the area is rested should show signs of improvement quickly after beginning chiropractic treatment.

What Are Other Causes of Lower Back Strain?

A herniated disc can be a source of back pain. At Core Wellness Centre in Toronto, a chiropractor specializing in herniated discs, will help to do an assessment to find the source of inflammation and pain and create a personalized treatment plan.

When Should I see a Chiropractor?

Back pain is incredibly limiting and debilitating, so getting it taken care of as quickly as possible is suggested.

The longer that a patient waits before seeking treatment allows for more time for the muscles and spine to become injured further and pushed out of alignment.

Once the initial strain is healed, it is imperative to maintain proper spine health. If lifting heavy items is necessary, be sure to lift using the strength of the legs instead of the back.

When physical twisting and bending will be done (such as an anticipated day of yard work or gardening,) do some light stretches before hand to condition the lower back muscles. Regular visits to the chiropractor may keep the spine and back muscles in good condition and less likely to be injured by a strain again.

A trusted chiropractor may literally make the difference between being able to fully function in your life and not being able to get off the couch.

If you are suffering from a lower back strain, don’t let it get any worse. Schedule a visit with Core Wellness Centre and get started on the road to relief.

What Can You Expect During Your First Chiropractic Visit?

On Your first visit, your chiropractor will meet with you to take note of your medical history and symptoms, take an easy posture exam to show where your body is out of alignment, and if required, will order x-rays.

On locating the source of your pain, a wellness plan is put together that includes an exercise program and chiropractic adjustments.  We also offer physiotherapy for injuries, cold laser therapy, spinal decompression and vibration machines.

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