colic in babiesFinding a chiropractor for colic and reflux offers natural and gentle treatment.  Although infant colic occurs in less than 25% of all infants, the effect on family life contributes to extreme exhaustion and stress for the parents.

The cause of colic is generally unknown, however infants with persistent crying have been identified with having intestinal problems caused by constipation, acid reflux, allergies or infantile migraines.

Correlations were also discovered between birth complications and infants with excessive crying.

The birth process is a physically demanding process for the baby. In fact, one study has shown that 80 percent of babies born exhibited signs of strain patterns in the cranial mechanism. If left untreated, the problem can adversely affect the child’s spinal development and growth, which can severely impact the function of the nervous system.

Studies Supporting Chiropractic For Babies

More recently, experts have also begun to recommend chiropractic care for babies with excessive colic. A 1999 case study showed that babies with colic that were treated by a chiropractor reduced their total time of crying by an average of 2.4 hours. These results were compared to babies treated with dimethicone, a commonly prescribed drug for colic. Babies given the medication in place of chiropractic adjustment only reduced their crying time by an average of one hour.

It is believed that a child’s colic is at least in part due to a spinal misalignment caused during birth. The subluxation in both adults and children can attribute to a weaker immune and nervous system. Furthermore, having a chiropractor remove a vertebral subluxation has also been shown to improve a child’s organs and digestive tract.

Is Chiropractic Safe for Infants?

A chiroipractic adjustment for colic babies works by small pressure motions to check for any disturbances along the spinal column.  When the disturbances are cleared up then the nervous system runs in an optimal manner. For parents worried about risk of injury, instances of a child being harmed are not nonexistent though extremely rare. Parents are, however, advised to take their child to a chiropractor with many years of experience working directly with infants.

Chiropractor for Colic and Reflux Babies in Toronto

Dr. Kris Dorken of Core Wellness Centre in Toronto is one such chiropractor with extensive experience treating infants and alleviating them of their colic conditions. He holds the highest certification for working with infants and young children in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Any ailments that may lead to incessant crying should be looked at by a medical professional.

Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments may be useful as the best treatment for infants with colic. Dr. Kris Dorken, chiropractor for babies, can treat problems related to colic and digestive disorders along with chiropractic care for children and adults.

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