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How Can a Chiropractor for Allergies Help?


Have you ever looked outside at a sunny, Spring day and instead of feeling the joy of the new season, instead feel the dread of once again experiencing the headaches, runny nose, and swollen eyes that your seasonal allergies bring?

Allergies affect millions of people worldwide, and their symptoms may range from mild to very severe–and while most people associate seasonal allergies with the spring, fall allergies caused by mold and ragweed may be just as or more severe.

Of course, in addition to environmental allergens, many people also deal with food based allergies to dairy, nuts, shellfish, strawberries, and many more.

Though at one time children with allergies were said to “grow out” of them, however, generally this does not occur and often may worsen the more one is exposed to the allergen.

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In many cases, a Chiropractor for allergies may be helpful in lessening allergy symptoms or doing away with them entirely. Allergies are an immune system disorder–the reactions you have when you are allergic to something, the watery eyes, sneezing, swelling, are all the ways that your body is attempting to rid itself of what it perceives to be as a harmful attack.

A chiropractor for allergies seeks to remove interference from the immune system. Over a regular period, care may offer many allergy sufferers relief, many are able to significantly reduce their allergy medication and/ or inhaler usage.

Proper spinal alignment may be the answer to your allergy related symptoms. Many chiropractors treat clients from newborns to 100 years old, making chiropractic care an option no matter what age you may be. In some situations it may be necessary to obtain a physical or other testing if you or your child is having symptoms that could potentially be caused by other serious medical conditions.

A chiropractor for allergies not only promotes a stronger immune system, it also helps regulate the amount of histamine and cortisol produced during a high allergy season. When adrenal glands and hormones are functioning as they should, allergy sufferers may have a greater sense of well being and better ability to regulate their body weight as well.

Another important part to managing your allergies is making sure that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet that is not triggering your symptoms.   Your chiropractor for allergies may discuss your current diet with you and try to find if any particular foods seem to be making your symptoms worse.

In addition to helping allergy sufferers, chiropractic care may also be effective in treating other ailments such as ADHD, Stress, Acid Reflux, Pinched Nerves and Fibromyalgia.

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Chiropractic care for allergies can help to reduce symptoms and reduce future allergic occurrences. This type of chiropractic care works to regulate the nervous system and strengthen its communication pathways.

By doing this, chiropractors are able to target areas in the body that could play a role in reducing inflammation and other symptoms due to allergies; such as reducing sinus congestion or aggravation of existing lung conditions.

Through chiropractic adjustments and joint manipulations chiropractors can also strengthen muscle fibers, allowing for an enhanced ability for the body’s respiratory system to support healthy breathing. With regular chiropractic care, patients may notice an overall improvement in their immune system functioning, leading to fewer severe or frequent bouts with allergies.

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