Are you looking to know how to stop snoring naturally?  A chiropractor for snoring allows gentle relief by relieving pressure throughout nerve endings.

A night full of snoring, may interrupt the sleeping patterns and make one feel tired even on a full night of sleep.  Add to that a partner who has their sleep interrupted and there needs to be ways to find a remedy fast.

Chiropractor for snoring

Why Do We Snore?

Snoring occurs when the soft muscle structures of the upper airway vibrate irregularly and constrict the airways. The resulting ‘snoring’, which ranges from mild to severe, is a sign that your airway may be partially blocked.

From people that snore loudly, about half of them have sleep apnea. This happens when the tissue in the back of the throat collapses and blocks the entire airway, so that air cannot get into the lungs.

When the muscles inside the throat relax when sleeping, gravity may cause the tongue to fall back and block the airways. This might occur a few times a night or even several hundred.


If snoring occurs on an occasional basis, there are easy and practical solutions to follow or see a chiropractor for snoring . A person may be congested due to allergies or colds blocking the nasal cavity.

Unhealthy eating habits that lead to weight gain, smoking or drinking alcohol and other substance abuse may also lead to heavy snoring.


The following natural remedies may improve snoring caused by temporary factors:


  • Exercise that might firm up the muscles found in the neck and throat region
  • Change the sleeping posture from the back to the side. Sleeping flat on one’s back may cause the tongue to fall back into the throat thus constricting the air passage
  • Exercise to lose weight and to burn the fatty tissue around the neck area to prevent constriction of airway and for general well-being
  • Sleeping with more pillows may help lift the head up to clear the air passage
  • Alcohol and sedative avoidance to help relax the soft muscles in the throat
  • Stop smoking as it unduly causes congestion of the nasal cavity and airway
  • Allergens that are nesting in pillows, bed and room that cause allergies might be eliminated by changing pillows and washing them regularly
  • Hydrate the nose and soft palate by drinking more water to prevent the body fluids from getting stickier thus preventing congestion of the airway

Why Choose Core Wellness Centre
for Snoring and Sleep Conditions

If you’re living with insomnia, sleep apnea, or interrupted sleep, you may have tried various therapies without much success.

At Core Wellness Centre, Midtown Toronto, we offer chiropractors for snoring and sleep issues as well as comprehensive personalized treatment plans for Physiotherapy, RMT or Osteopathy if required.

Give us a call today on (416) 479 – 8311 to schedule your appointment.

Effective Chiropractor for Snoring in Toronto


Another great option to help get to the root cause of snoring issues is to have the nerves checked out for any problems by a chiropractor.  At Core Wellness Centre in Toronto, Dr. Kris will complete a thorough assessment to locate the root cause of the condition.

The muscles in the neck and throat area are controlled by the nerves exiting the skull, neck and back areas. If there is even a little interference, this may cause improper breathing and lead to snoring.

We have seen many of our practice members have great improvement in snoring with corrective chiropractic care.

Need a chiropractor for snoring?

If you need more information to know if going to a chiropractor for snoring, or would like to have an assessment, give our office a call (416) 479-8311.

There are many benefits to stop snoring naturally; however, if snoring persists you may want to see a specialist or our chiropractor in Toronto.

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