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david perridavid perri
02:19 23 Jan 24
Thanks Kris! And your staff for getting me back to work, you guys are awesome!
18:22 19 Jan 24
Super helpful in treating jaw pain.
Danielle FrechetteDanielle Frechette
23:31 18 Jan 24
Great team. Amazing service and improvements from the get go. Highly recommended.
Jacob Sharkey PearceJacob Sharkey Pearce
15:48 19 Dec 23
Gulay ErsekerciGulay Ersekerci
15:30 23 Nov 23
Samantha LauSamantha Lau
16:31 16 Nov 23
I initially came in for jaw pain and headaches from TMJ. Dr. Kris Dorkin is amazing, very thorough, and does the most for the best care possible (including X-Rays, concise education, take-home tutorials, and recommendations without pressuring). He does a full examination to get to the core matter of things and even address other concerns.Specifically for TMJ, two sessions in and my severe TMJ symptoms went away. Dr. Dorkin makes the best out of each session, which sets Core Wellness apart from all the others.
arais Pérezarais Pérez
23:40 15 Nov 23
“For nearly a decade, I have entrusted my chiropractic care to Dr. Kristian Dorken and the outstanding team at Core Wellness. From my initial visit, their profound professionalism and deep expertise in chiropractic care were immediately apparent. Throughout these years, they have consistently crafted personalized and effective treatment plans, bringing significant relief to my lower back, neck, and shoulders pain.What truly sets this apart is their holistic approach to treatment, meticulously tailored to address my unique needs. This bespoke care underscores their unwavering commitment to patient wellness. Each session with them is more than a treatment; it’s an experience marked by their dedicated attention to detail and a clinic atmosphere that radiates warmth and welcome, making every visit a comfortable and reassuring encounter.The results I have experienced under their care are nothing short of transformative. There has been a remarkable enhancement in my mobility, coupled with a notable decrease in discomfort and pain. This improvement in my quality of life is a direct result of their dedicated efforts.I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Dorken and the Core Wellness team for anyone in search of professional, empathetic, and highly effective chiropractic care.Their dedication to improving patient health and wellbeing doesn’t just meet the standard; it sets it.”HUGE THANKS for what you do and your professional help through the years.Arais.
Shantel FrancisShantel Francis
19:09 15 Nov 23
I’d been struggling with neck and nerve pain for so long & during an episode of tough pain I booked with Dr.Dorken. I’ve never done chiro before but love the connection to full body wellness and getting to the root cause of pain. It has made such an incredible difference and after my first two sessions I noticed a huge decline in pain and stiffness in my neck. A few more sessions in & my nerve pain has almost entirely gone away. I’m so much more relaxed, sleep better, and I feel inspired in other ways to take care of my wellness. Can’t say enough good things & feel great after my adjustments. Front desk staff is also so warm & lovely.
Abhinav AnandAbhinav Anand
03:42 09 Nov 23
16:39 31 Oct 23
Excellent treatment at a great price, Dr. Dorken is very knowledgeable and personable. Always satisfied!
Misha BMisha B
23:59 27 Oct 23
Dr Dorken is the best CHIRO we’ve ever worked with. He actually cares about the work he’s doing and his clients, and it doesn’t feel like he wants to kick you out after your appt. He genuinely cares and he will make you feel that way! He has helped my partner and I so much, and we look forward to continue working with him. Highly recommend this team 🙂
I've been to many Chiropractors, I can honestly say this chiropractor if by far the best ive ever been!! He's been adjusting me for just over a month and I can already feel the difference 😁
Adriano UedaAdriano Ueda
20:55 18 Oct 23
Great staff! Kris, the chiropractor, and Eric, the osteopath, are excellent professionals. Very human and supportive to relief my pains. That improved a lot a one month. Mimi in the reception is also kind and quick to book my appointments.
Audrey MorlaAudrey Morla
18:02 11 Oct 23
I had a great experience since I started my treatment here.
Jackie TranJackie Tran
04:27 27 Sep 23
I came to Core Wellness Centre because of neck pain and I felt so much better and relieved after 2 sessions. Dr.Kris and Naji are helpful, knowledgeable and they care ! Front staff Mimi and the rest of the team are friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend this place.
Annie Lou HisolaAnnie Lou Hisola
01:50 06 Sep 23
I highly recommend Core Wellness Clinic. Look for Dr. Kris he help us get better, very helpful and knowlegable. Mimi and the rest of the staff are very accommodating, extremely friendly and genuinely cares for you overall. Massage must try also here. Best experience.I'm very grateful for all your help. Thank you!
Diana PanellaDiana Panella
21:42 24 Aug 23
Everything in one place! Chiro, massage therapy, physio, and now osteopath.Knowledgeable, reliable, efficiently run and they also do direct billing which is awsome
Maria EvansMaria Evans
00:09 27 Jul 23
The staff and overall environment at Core Wellness Centre is very welcoming and obliging. My physiotherapist, Naji, repeatedly demonstrates an extraordinary level of skill, knowledge and compassion. Her positive attitude and encouragement is a constant source of inspiration during difficult episodes, making each session feel like a partnership towards my healing. I don't know how I would push through without her.
Ahmet OcakAhmet Ocak
23:55 19 Jul 23
I had my first session today and it was amazing! The clinic has a very warm atmosphere as the team working there is quite welcoming! And of course, Dr. Dorken is very knowledgeable and takes care of his patients well. Looking forward to my next sessions.
caitlin prystaycaitlin prystay
20:41 13 Apr 23
I was having really bad upper back pain for a year or so before going here. After the Dr. Reset my back, it feels so much stronger and I have very little pain. Some x-rays were taken and some insights already given, but I look forward to my next session to hear about what he has found in my scans, and working with him to correct the problem! He is very thorough!

Here is a small sample of what our patients say about the Chiropractic Care they receive at Core Wellness Centre.

Dr. Kris has a great experience in a variety of modalities supporting Chiropractic Care. Here he shows the making of Orthotics.

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What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic has helped millions of people to recover from illnesses, diseases and disabilities.

People with all kinds of problems such as colds and infections, pre-menstrual syndrome, back pain, arthritis, insomnia, stress, vision problems, headaches, allergies, colic and more… can find solutions by getting appropriate chiropractic treatment.

No matter what disease is concerned, you can enjoy a healthy spine. This is so important for your general health as it is proper nutrition. Remember that a healthy spine can improve your quality of life.

The Benefits of Choosing Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic benefits are much more than just removing the pain.  Chiropractic is the third important health treatment worldwide (after conventional medicine and dentists).

Traditional medicine is works very well, especially in an emergency, but does not encompass well-being and vitality. In general, the least medicines and surgery a person has, the healthier they are.

Chiropractic is a natural treatment and is the least intrusive, medicines second if there is no improvement and surgery as a last resort. Chiropractic is the logical choice, and has more than 110 years experience because it gives results.

 Chiropractic care Toronto gives different benefits, depending on the goals that each who have for their health.

What are the goals of your health?

1. To feel better (symptomatic treatment)

2. Reduce or eliminate some headaches. (Symptomatic treatment)

3. Prevent of the recurrence of discomfort (corrective treatment)

4. Improve the quality of life (preventative treatment)

Each of these goals is a step that is given to a better level of health.

We welcome you to discover the benefits of chiropractic care.

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