The benefits of probiotics, from our Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and RMT Clinic in Toronto is all about having health from a strong foundation.

Probiotics is a term coined in 1965 to describe live bacteria that may have a healthy benefit to its host. The word probiotics comes from a Greek word “pro” that means promoting and “biotic” that means life. These are live microorganisms that are administered in adequate amount so that it provides immense health benefit to the person consuming it.

benefits of probioticsIt can also be defined as a product or preparation that contains viable and defined microorganisms in adequate numbers which alters the micorflora of the host.

This results in many health benefits to the host. Microflora is the aggregate number of microorganisms that reside on surface and also deep in the layers of saliva, skin, gastrointestinal and conjunctiva tract.

The benefits of probiotics can be achieved when a balance is maintained between the good and the bad bacteria so that you can avoid many potential problems.

probiotics were mostly found in fermented foods but are now being used in supplements and foods. The roles of Probiotics is in the digestive tract and for the immune system.

In these areas the good bacteria are striving to maintain a balance over the bad bacteria. The good bacteria also does the task of fighting off or killing the bad bacteria trying to harm you.

The Benefits of Probiotics for Health Conditions

There are many benefits of probiotics to help with regards to common health problems like diarrhea, colon cancer, lactose intolerance, cholsetrol, blood pressure, stress bacteria growth, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome and infections.


Probiotics helps in fighting this common problem to fight off the problems of antibiotic associated diarrhea that is caused by the intake of too many antibiotics.


Probiotics also helps in lowering your cholesterol level as it breaks down the bile so that re-absorption of cholesterol is minimized.

Immune system

The role of probiotics is primarily focused on the immune system when your body may suffer from illness or infection with imbalances. In fighting off bad bacteria, probiotics protects our immune system for healthy living.

Blood pressure

Probiotics helps in reducing and lowering the blood pressure.

Digestive System

Probiotics improves your digestive system by filtering out the harmful bacteria and eliminating the chemical waste products and toxins from your body. This helps in better absorption of your body nutrients so that it can be delivered to the places where it is required and most importantly to all the muscle cells.

Probiotics also improves rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease; autoimmune disorders like Ulcerative Colitis and protects you from allergies. It can also be very effective in helping to meet fitness goals along with improved and enhanced performance and well being.

Probiotics are essential for the absorption of the nutrients in your body and you can take probiotic supplements to get your desired results.

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