If you are suffering from back pain, or knee, leg, shoulder or neck pain, you may be wondering if you should visit a chiropractor or physiotherapist.  

With any type of injury, It is essential to seek professional treatment for recovery
and prevention of further injury.  

Chiropractic care and Physiotherapy are often similar with both types of therapy utilizing a hands-on approach to recover mobility, strength and healthy, safe movement as well as additional tools.

Chiropractor or Physiotherapist

In choosing a chiropractor or physiotherapist, both aim to improve the movement of muscles and joints to  reduce pain and improve quality of life.

One difference between the two professional therapists is that chiropractors work with the nerves, spine and vertebrae, and physiotherapists work more on the soft tissues and muscles.

They use different techniques to mobilize joints and vertebrae.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractic care aims to relieve tension in the body, reduce pain and inflammation, realign the spine and heal the entire body. Chiropractic work aims to align the spine and nervous system of a patient naturally.

Chiropractic doctors are experts in the field of spinal health and the nervous system. They undergo extensive training and can diagnose and treat any spinal issues.  The chiropractic professionals are highly-trained and need years of experience to perform gentle yet effective adjustments that help to restore normal movement in the body to reduce pain and improve functionality.

Chiropractic adjustments and other specialized treatments are used to heal patients. Clients undertake a thorough assessment with

  • Digital posture analysis
  • Personalized assessment
  • Chiropractic adjustments and manual manipulation
  • Personalized treatment and prevention plan
  • Exercise program

Core Wellness Centre Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Registered Massage Therapy

Core Wellness Centre chiropractic care provides y strap adjustments, spinal decompression and vibrational machines.  If required, x-rays are available on-site at Core Wellness Centre.

Chiropractic care is not limited to the spine. It also incorporates holistic treatment that addresses other symptoms that patients might experience such as asthma, arthritis, migraines, chiropractor for numbness and tingling, and whiplash. Degenerative and inflammatory conditions are also addressed by chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatments can also help to reduce the likelihood of re-injury or chronic pain. When an accident occurs (car crash, sports injury or workplace injury), chiropractic treatments focus on preventing chronic pain as the injury heals.

What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

Like chiropractors, they also use manual hand techniques. They focus on treating injuries and issues by mobilization and restoring normal body function, without using medicine or surgery.

Physiotherapists help the patient restore muscle movement after an injury or trauma, ease pain and improve the quality of their life by using techniques with stretching and exercise.  They treat a variety of issues, including back and neck pain, repetitive motion injuries, arthritis, swelling joints, sports injury and cartilage, ligament, and tendon damage.

They also help with pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

At Core Wellness Centre in Toronto, our physiotherapy services in Toronto programs also provide:

  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Joint manipulation and mobilization
    Stretching and Exercises
  • Registered Massage Therapy

Our physiotherapists also adopt a holistic treatment approach by using a combination of mobilization, manipulation and massage techniques. They also teach the patient self management techniques to prevent injury and maintain health.

What Are the Benefits Between a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist?


Both have many benefits for their patients. However, some are better suited to specific needs.

Chiropractic care has many benefits that last a lifetime. Each chiropractic care plan is customized to meet the needs of patients and their bodies. Adjustments are made over time.

Many people report that chiropractic care has immediate restorative benefits, such as reduced pain and improved mobility. Due to its focus of restoring the nervous systems, chiropractic care has also been known to positively impact other areas.

Physiotherapy is geared towards restoration and recovery. It is best for those who have recently suffered an injury or illness. 

Physiotherapists help manage pain and the focus is on natural recovery.  It’s a great way to address past issues and prevent future injuries in sports, weekend warriors and casual activities.

Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Care

Should I Visit a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist for Back Pain?


Deciding in a chiropractor or physiotherapist for back pain?  The causes of back pain are many, from accident, injury or the overuse of muscles.

Back pain can begin in the following areas:

  • The sacral area, where the body connects to the pelvis
  • Lumbar, the lower spine
  • Thoracic, upper back
  • Cervical, neck area

Core Wellness Centre offers manual chiropractic adjustments, y-strap adjustments and spinal decompression therapy to relieve chronic upper and lower back pain.

What is spinal decompression?

The decompression of the spine helps to relieve painful pressure between vertebrae and spinal manipulation realigns portions of the back manually.

Our spinal decompression system offers a non-surgical, highly effective form of disc compression as an alternative back surgery.

The Core Wellness Centre physiotherapy team utilize different types of treatment such as manual therapy, cold laser or shockwave therapy and exercise programs.

A detailed assessment with Dr. Kris, chiropractor, provides more information for your choice of treatment plan to promote the body’s natural healing.

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