Sports chiropractors are experts at treating pain and discomfort caused by sporting accident, injuries as well as maintaining high level performance.

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If you’re looking for a sports chiropractor in Toronto, look no further than the team at Core Wellness Centre offering physiotherapy and a sports injury clinic.

We have a full functioning chiropractic, physiotherapy and registered massage thearpy clinic.

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Sports Chiropractor Near Me Toronto

Finding physiotherapy and a chiropractor for a shoulder adjustment, dislocated shoulders, head injuries and back and neck sports injuries can be treated at Core Wellness Centre.

A current sports injury could lead to other future medical conditions such as arthritis if treatment is not sought for your injury.

It might seem like just a simple injury at the time, but it could lead to even more unwanted pain later on in life.

You might already be suffering from a sports injury that occurred years ago; however, because the sports injury happened so long ago, you never connected the dots. That sports injury from the past is probably causing your current pain.

Turning to a Chiropractor for Sports Injuries

There are a few ways to get rid of your pain, but do they really work? For instance, it’s easy to go to your local drug store and purchase over the counter medication for various aches and pains. Sadly enough, these types of medications are usually temporary solutions.

Another option is to deal with the pain as it comes and goes. Sometimes you are in pain, but other times you don’t feel a thing. The pain from your sports injury might resurface when it rains. It might come back when you put too much pressure on the injured area.

Yes, your pain comes and goes; however, wouldn’t you like a solution that gets rid of it for good?

This is why you should seek the services of a professional chiropractor. He can create a treatment program that is designed specifically for you. It does not matter if you have tendinitis, stress fractures, strains, sprains or even a herniated back disc.

A licensed and trained chiropractor can diagnose your condition and plan the right rehabilitation program for your particular injury. He is trained to adjust the spine and alleviate symptoms. There are reasons for why chiropractic treatment is good for sports injuries.

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Quickly Diagnoses the Pain

A good chiropractor can actually find your pain when other medical doctors cannot tell you what is causing it. Many times people suffer from pain that is caused by structural misalignment, and chiropractors are highly trained in this area of medicine.

This is when a sports injury affects your skull, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles or spine. Usually this type of misalignment will automatically cause pain in the joints.

However, there are times when pain shows up in other places that are not normally associated with the actual sports injury. You might end up with abdominal pains, menstrual cramps, headaches or pain in your organs that the average person would never think was caused from a sports injury.

A chiropractor is trained to assess and treat these types of pains.

Alleviate Pain From Injuries with a Sports Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is known to alleviate many symptoms that result from sports injuries. Symptoms such as joint pain, chronic neck pain, headaches, arthritis, whiplash injuries and low back pain can be alleviated with the use of chiropractic care.

Chiropractors make adjustments to your body that will align the spine. These manipulations help the body function better and make it easier for the body to heal properly.

In conclusion, sports injuries can cause lifelong suffering if nothing is done to correct them. Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for sports injuries and finding the root of the pain.

In Toronto, contact Dr. Kris Dorken at Core Wellness Centre on (416) 479 – 8311.

Massage therapy, cold laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments can give you the edge you need to be the best you can be.

Visit Our Sport Injury Chiropractor Toronto for Common Injuries


Ankle Injuries

One of the most common injuries are ankle sprains by turning it in or turning it over. Often the ligaments on the front and outside of the ankle get torn and show massive bruising and swelling.  If the ligaments do not heal properly, they can become full of scar tissue which increases the tendency of further sprains.  Visiting a chiropractor can help to prevent ongoing pain and recurrent problems.

Foot Pain

Throughout years of carrying the weight of your body, feet are constantly subject to injuries, sprains, fractures and ligament tears.  Problems occurring in your feet can also throw the body out of balance and cause injury elsewhere.

Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by pressure on the spinal cord or pinched nerves.  Chiropractic adjustments are able to restore normal motion to the affected area through small, gentle pressure to release stiffness in the joints.

Knee Injuries

Chiropractic adjustments where the knee and surrounding joints are restricted help to improve function and movement and reduce pain. In order to assess and treat knee pain, all connecting ligaments and muscles such as the lower back, hip, pelvis, ankles and feet are examined.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder problems occur mainly from injury to the tendons, ligaments, muscles and soft tissues rather than the bones. Overuse of the shoulder in sporting activities can lead to tendonitis, bursitis, recurring dislocations or arthritis of the joint.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by arthritis in the hip joints, tendinitis (inflamed tendons), hip fractures, pinched nerves, injuries to the hip muscles or dislocation of the hip joint.  Chiropractic adjustments reduces tension in the area for improved blood circulation.

Elbow Injuries

Elbow pain can be caused by inflammation and swelling on the elbow and forearm tendons.  Chiropractic adjustments adjust and align bone and joint structures which allows for increased blood flow to the injured areas.

Wrist and Hand Injuries

With many bones and ligaments in the wrist and hand, injuries to this area can be difficult to diagnose. Joints such as the knuckles can become inflamed causing pain and loss of motion.

How a Sports Chiropractic Clinic Can Improve an Athletes Performance


An athlete with improved joint function can react faster, has better coordination and can execute the movements required more accurately.

A research study conducted by doctors Anthony Lauro and Mouch Brian, in 1991, indicated that chiropractic care can improve an athlete’s performance much as 16.7% in a period of two weeks.

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Professional athletes know that countries where chiropractic care is more developed, such as North America, the high-level athletes and Olympic teams tend to be under chiropractic care both throughout the year with regular maintenance and at competitions accompanied by the team chiropractor.

Famous Athletes for Chiropractic


Evander Holyfield, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger… have stated on many occasions that chiropractic care has brought advantages to them throughout their careers.

In football, the AC Milan Italian soccer team, has experienced a reduction in injuries to 90% of their players since the chiropractic Doctor Jean Pierre Meersseman became the head of their medical team.

Sports Injury Chiropractor Toronto


Dr. Kris Dorken is an experienced sports injury chiropractor and Iron Man Marathon contestant. His chiropractic and sports injury clinic at Core Wellness Centre in Toronto offers a personalized treatment plan, posture analysis, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy for sports injuries, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, custom orthotics, exercise programs and on-site x-rays if required.

The sports injury chiropractor clinic near me at Core Wellness Centre is located at 726 St Clair Ave West near Christie Street with easy access to the downtown core.

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