If the brain does not feel pain as there are no pain receptors in the brain, where do headaches come from?  Although there are about 100 different types of headaches and migraines, they all have one thing in common – headaches and migraines greatly improve with chiropractic care and in the majority of cases, are fast and permanent.  This is because chiropractic corrects the cause of the pain, rather than masking the symptoms with medicine.

The causes of headaches can be physical, chemical or emotional reactions to stress.  The solution is either to eliminate stress (rather complicated today) or to increase the capacity of adaptation to stress. This is where chiropractic can help you. A body that works at its best, adapts better to stress and has fewer symptoms. If you add a few good habits to this (such as drinking water, having a balanced nutrition, exercise, fresh air, etc.) you can increase your capacity of adaptation and thereby improve your well-being and quality of life.

How to Find Relief With Chiropractor for Headaches

chiropractic care for headachesMany people that come to the chiropractic office with headaches can find relief. The chiropractor corrects the pinched nerve in a vertebral subluxation.   This is where when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) moves out of its position and creates pressure that irritates the spinal nerves.

In the case of cervical vertebral subluxation, this affects the orientation of the muscles, tendons and blood supply to the head which can produce symptoms such as headaches.  Cervical vertebral subluxation means that there is a misalignment in the neck region which is particularly vulnerable to stress, injury and the aging process.

What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

The chiropractor detects spine abnormalities, where subluxation is causing these symptoms.  With correction by manual adjustment by hand, this removes the nerve irritation and revives connection with the nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment only lasts a few minutes but the body can continue changing and adapting for months after the adjustment.

Core Wellness Centre in Toronto sees many patients with different types of headaches and Dr. Kris Dorken will undertake a full assessment to find out the cause of your headache.  He can explain everything in detail so you can be fully informed and you can then move on to enjoy a better quality of life, without those headaches.

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