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posture analysis torontoCore Wellness Centre in Toronto offers professional digital posture analysis for a detailed assessment towards treatment. Starting with a full diagnosis and report of finding, Dr. Kris, Toronto Chiropractor and the Core Wellness Centre team of Physiotherapists and Registered Massage Therapists have a full service to get you back on track fast.  

Due to stress, physical activity, injury or accident, you can experience back and neck pain with increased immobility.

Extra stress on a weakened spine and nervous system can overload your system and contribute to health problems.

Digital Posture Analysis On-Site at Core Wellness Centre

Our digital posture analysis is computerized to get an objective analysis and report within minutes of taking the pictures.  This allows us to determine where our patients’ need correction in their structural alignment and track their progression of improved posture through their course of care.

back pain treatment torontoChiropractor Spinal Adjustments

According to the research, pain is not a good indicator of how healthy or unhealthy your spine and nervous system are. Spinal examinations such as posture, weight balance, palpation, muscle testing, computer scans and x-rays are much better indicators. Pain is usually the last to show up and the first to be relieved when you begin chiropractic and physiotherapy care. Core Wellness Centre provides chiropractic care, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, spinal decompression, y-axis traction strap,  vibration machines and in-house x-ray if needed.

Nerves Supply Your Whole Body

Your spine protects your nervous system, the master control center of your body. Vital energy flows over your nerves and communications with every cell. Nerve pathways must be clear for the messages to get through. If you have an uncorrected spinal problem, it can cause a decrease in the function of vital organs and systems, and lead to unnecessary pain or health problems.

Spine Deterioration Over Time

Over time, the spine and nervous system deteriorates and not just because of age. Just like the tires on your car wear down unevenly when they are misaligned, the same can happen in your spine. You may have some areas in your spine that look and feel like they are 80 years old while you have other areas that are more like a 30 year old. You can keep your entire spine healthy with chiropractic Lifestyle Care. If you have been injured in the workplace WSIB injury or in an auto accident, we will work with you to handle the insurance claims.

 Core Wellness Centre is conveniently located near St. Clair West subway station and Bathurst Street. Call (416) 479-8311 or fill in the form below to make your next appointment.

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