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whiplash treatment

Treatment of Car Accident Injuries 

Dr. Kris Dorken and the Core Wellness Centre team in Toronto of chiropractors, physiotherapists for neck pain and registered massage therapists bring a full range of healing modalities to bring you back to great health fast.

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Common Car Accident Injuries

 A car accident can cause injuries to any part of the body, but some of these injuries seem more recurrent. Common injuries in the shoulders, arms, neck, mid and low back are whiplashes, sprains, strains, disc injuries and fractures. For Back injuries that house the sensitive spine, common injuries are thoracic, and lumbar spine injury, cervical, disc injuries as well as fractures, sprains, and strains.

And with lower body injuries to the knee, leg and foot, victims usually suffer knee and foot injury, ligament injury in addition to strains, fracture, sprains and dislocation.

Treating Car Accident Injuries at Core Wellness Centre

Dr. Kris, chiropractor and the Core Wellness Centre team begin with a thorough digital scan and examination with in-house x-rays if needed.  All aspects of the body as a whole are considered to treat joints, muscles, neuromuscular system to remove pain and improve range of motion with a natural and safe manual treatment for all ages.

At Core Wellness Centre, exercise programs, nutritional guidelines, gentle adjustments or physiotherapy reconditions ligaments and muscles which have suffered injury.

Many care accident victims treated with chiropractic have reported that the treatment has been effective in helping them recover from injuries instead of treating with drugs or surgeries alone.

In addition, another advantage of treating car accident injuries with chiropractic and physiotherapy is that other latent injuries can also be healed.

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Care Covered by Most Insurance Companies


At Core Wellness Centre, chiropractic care, registered massage therapy and physiotherapy treatment are covered by most insurance companies and we also offer direct billing on your behalf.

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Treating Car Accident Injuries with Physiotherapy Treatment

 Physiotherapy is available with detailed assessments, cold laser therapy, exercise programs and manual assessments for the auto accident injury to be back as independent and productive as soon as possible after the accident.

Physiotherapy treatment is an effective and complete rehabilitation program when you have suffered a soft tissue injuries that has left lingering pain or discomfort in the back, neck, muscles or joints and which has affected your ability to do physical tasks.

Don’t let recovery from an auto accident to be a long and agonizing process.  Recover your body strength, repair any underlying problems and target pain relief with our professional gentle care.

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