Seeking a chiropractor for headaches can be of use when many other conventional avenues of treatment have not been effective in eliminating the pain. He or she is able to discover where the source of discomfort is coming from and alleviate it quite quickly.

When Do I Need Help From a Chiropractor for Headaches?

Many people suffer from unknown spinal issues, so a chiropractor will naturally look at your spine to determine whether or not your headaches are a result of a misaligned spine. Migraines are a common result of a misaligned spine. For example, when the natural C-shaped curve around the neck is misaligned, nerves in that area can be affected and this can cause chemicals in the brain to become imbalanced, which can result in severe headaches. In addition, many chiropractors find that their patients who report frequent headaches and migraines have a condition called cervical kyphosis, which is a reverse curvature in the neck. This occurs from poor posture or injury in the patients history, and there are several ways of treating this issues dependent on how sever the condition is. With more of us sitting all day, bad posture is a reality that many of us face. help with headacheHowever, chiropractors can go beyond the spine to find a solution to a patient’s headache issues. They look at the body as a whole to find a cause and a solution to the problem. By doing this, chiropractors do not only treat the symptoms, but also tackle the root cause of the headaches, which can eliminate the headaches altogether.

How Does a Chiropractor Help With Constant Headache and Neck Pain?

For instance, chiropractors acknowledge the mind-body connection and look for issues such as stress. As we start to really discover the huge impact that the mind has on our body, this practice is slowly starting to leak into conventional medicine as well. However, it is not a mandatory practice yet for conventional doctors. A chiropractor may also do tests that determine how the neurological, sensory, and thought systems are working in the patient’s body. In addition, they may test for immune and hormonal issues that can be a direct cause of headaches and migraines.

Food Sensitivities as a Cause of Headaches

There has been evidence that sensitivities to foods can cause the migraines when the inflammatory response is triggered. The fact that 60 percent of people will suffer from food allergies in their life, and never get tested for it, means that it can be a huge factor in undiagnosed issues such as migraines. There are many factors that can contribute to migraines such as unhealthy environment, bad habits, and eating unhealthy food. At your chiropractor, you will be able to discuss your lifestyle, possible factors contributing to your migraines, and partake in tests that help your chiropractor eliminate certain factors and determine the root cause or causes.

Can going to the Chiropractor Help with Headaches?

Not only can chiropractors determine whether you are having issues with your spine, which is a huge cause of headaches and migraines in patients, but they can also look at other areas of the body’s nervous system to determine the root cause of your issue. In the end, this will help your body return to a healthy state and eliminate the issues, once and for all, that are causing you to experience pain on a regular basis. Here is a study on Chiropractic Effectiveness with Headache Dr. Kris Dorken, Chiropractor for Headaches has successfully treated patients with many diverse conditions such as infertility, high blood pressure, jaw misalignment and migraines. We can help, call 416 479-8311 today.

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